Silver plan. 15GB monthly transfer. 1.5 GB disc space. 0.88USD per monthGold plan. Register new domain. 15GB monthly transfer. 1.5 GB disc space. 24.99USD per yearPlatinum plan. Gold plan plus personalized design. 24.99USD per year plus web design.

Silver planIf you already have your web domain but pay too much for current web hosting, switch to! We offer great web hosting for only 88 cents a month! Minimum purchase is one year service for total of $10.56 (no hidden fees)! NO ONE can beat that!

What do you get by purchasing this web hosting:

  • Support PHP, ASP, JSP scripts and servlets
  • Unlimited e-mail aliases, forwards and trash
  • Mount Flush FTP / s, WebFTP, WebDAV and Subversion
  • Administration e-mail accounts through the web interface
  • Access to email via POP3 / s, IMAP / WebMail
  • Management of the DNS, including DNS administration
  • Support WAP pages, cron own limits and quota
  • Unlimited MySQL, PostgreSQL and FireBird
  • Access via HTTPS, redirect to another domain
  • Online antivirus check e-mails and FTP, SpamAssassin
  • Graphical Access Statistics
  • Automatic response, unlimited subdomains
  • Password-protected access to the directory password protection IP
  • Change pages 401, 403, 404, 406 and 500

Check out how your control panel will look. If you also need a domain, Gold Plan will fit your needs. If you are interested in Silver Plan please contact us.

1 year web hosting $10.56