Silver plan. 15GB monthly transfer. 1.5 GB disc space. 0.88USD per monthGold plan. Register new domain. 20GB monthly transfer. 2 GB disc space. 24.99USD per yearPlatinum plan. Gold plan plus personalized design. 24.99USD per year plus web design.

Gold planOther web hosting providers charge on average $34.95 to register a domain name for 1 year. Additionally they charge on average $11.95 to host a domain per month. For 1 year service you would be charged $178.35 for hosting and domain registration. We don't think you should pay that much for your own web site! That's why we offer 10 GB of space and 1 TB of traffic per month for a TOTAL of $29.99 a year (domain registration & Web hosting included).

What do you get by purchasing this web hosting:

  • Support PHP, ASP, JSP scripts and servlets
  • Unlimited e-mail aliases, forwards and trash
  • Mount Flush FTP / s, WebFTP, WebDAV and Subversion
  • Administration e-mail accounts through the web interface
  • Access to email via POP3 / s, IMAP / WebMail
  • Management of the DNS, including DNS administration
  • Support WAP pages, cron own limits and quota
  • Unlimited MySQL, PostgreSQL and FireBird
  • Access via HTTPS, redirect to another domain
  • Online antivirus check e-mails and FTP, SpamAssassin
  • Graphical Access Statistics
  • Automatic response, unlimited subdomains
  • Password-protected access to the directory password protection IP
  • Change pages 401, 403, 404, 406 and 500

Gold 1 Year

Domain + Web Hosting

Total = $29.99